Common Sales Mistakes – Part 5 of 6

Don’t fail to follow-up

One of the worst things anyone can do to impede the sales process is to fail to follow-up. Whether you are acknowledging an email, returning a call or summarising points from a meeting that follow-up is a demonstration of your professionalism and your commitment to winning prospective business by taking an active role.

One of the best ways to establish your credibility and build trust with prospects (and indeed existing customers), seeing things through and actively managing the sales process means you are less likely to fall foul of chance or circumstance or stall outright. Rather than limiting yourself to reactive measures, taking responsibility and being proactive keeps you in charge of the process and maintains momentum.

A simple thank you note following a meeting, providing a brief bulleted list of points discussed, actions agreed and the next steps which need to be taken helps to keep your prospects (and existing customers) from wondering what will happen next or whether something is being dealt with.

Follow-up is a very simple and effective tactic to build stronger client relationships.

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