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  • The power of asking the right questions
    The best way to learn about your clients (or prospects) is to get them talking about themselves. The more thoroughly you know your clients the better you are able to anticipate their needs. And there is not really a more convincing demonstration of your interest and attention than knowing what is important to them and what is happening in their business at any given time. ...
  • Market intelligence for business
    Gathering market intelligence should be an active and ongoing business process. Many companies have access to a wealth of information but don’t yet have a formalised system in place to capture and manage this knowledge. As there are several industries and markets which experience rapid and regular change, it is even more important to update your information on a consistent basis....
  • Should you forget about research?
    Are you using surveys or conducting focus groups to gain customer insights that will help your business development? Are you looking at how you might improve upon what your competitors are doing? Do you search for independent sources of information to support your assumptions about your markets and plan your development activities?...

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