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Split personality?


It is very confusing for your audience if you have a brand, product or service with a split personality.  For illustrative purposes in this article, I will refer to a product.


It is vital to determine what type of personality your product has.  You can then position it accordingly in its chosen markets, look at where it fits and identify real opportunities for taking it forward. 


A product personality is like a human personality and too many conflicting messages weakens it.  For example, you have a big, bold and brash logo on your website, yet your stationery suite is very elegant and traditional.  You may have a very prominent advert in one publication and when a sales enquiry is received the operator from your business could be very timid.  You can see how your audience will become a little perplexed.


They will not know who they are dealing with and, unless they do, a long-term relationship is unlikely as this needs trust in order for it to flourish. 


You only have to look at the likes of McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Starbucks to see how brand consistency is vital.  You know that wherever you go in the world, you can expect the same quality, standard of service and product from each of these organisations. 


Whilst on a much larger scale, there are lessons that can be transferred into much smaller businesses.


Personalities also trigger associations and these associations can help to increase awareness and sales of your product.