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Four simple tips to write an instant speech


This month two clients have asked us to help in this area following last minute requests for them to deliver a presentation.  We’ve not come across a more simple and effective formula for writing a speech.


If you’re unexpectedly asked to present something and you’re unprepared, or if your presentations lack focus, just follow this formula:-


  1. WHAT is it you will explain?


  1. WHY is it important to know about it?


  1. HOW will the listener use it?


  1. EXAMPLE of how it works (or how others have used it – case studies)


This is simply a nuts and bolts approach to writing a speech or giving a presentation and identifies the most critical elements for success.  If you can cover each of the above points, your presentation should meet your objectives and also communicate the right things.


Preparation is key but even if you only have time to run through it a couple of times try to do so.  Record yourself if you can to help identify any areas of weakness or if not imagine yourself on stage delivering the presentation and critique your performance afterwards in your mind – what worked, what didn’t?