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Research is an ongoing process

Research is usually a good place to start when undertaking any marketing activity, but it can be useful at any time.

With a thorough, up-to-date understanding of your customers’ needs and preferences you can ensure that your communications are relevant and specific - and thus more effective, which will reduce costs and increase the likelihood of generating the desired response.

Customers’ needs and interests will evolve over time and countless factors can affect their preferences. Research allows you to avoid making assumptions or missing important changes, adapt faster than your competition and anticipate opportunities to exploit before they arise.

Elite Research has experience working on projects for markets, customers, competitors and products / services. We can help you to identify the requirements of new markets and / or to test products and services, in addition to developing positioning strategies in your chosen markets.

Elite Research services include:

  • customer profiling
  • perceptual / behavioural mapping
  • gap analysis / positioning
  • market segmentation
  • feasibility studies
  • focus groups
  • strategy development
  • questionnaires
  • analysis
  • market research
  • customer research
  • competitor research