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Finding, winning and keeping customers

If you rely on achieving set targets and need qualified leads our Elite Results business development product will help you to increase your profitable business.

Elite Results differs from standard lead generation in that it focuses on a specific target profile from your more valuable customers - we will work closely with you to develop this profile and develop a strategic plan to get you in front of similar prospects. Our approach also reduces the potential of less profitable customers becoming a disproportionate drain on your resources.

We will agree with you a realistic business development plan over a set period with clear deliverables and effective monitoring in place. Elite Edge will work with you to communicate your competitive advantage and implement techniques to help you find, win and keep the most profitable type of clients.

Elite Results services include:

  • research
  • market segmentation
  • customer profiling
  • reviewing products / services
  • resources audit
  • lead generation
  • data sourcing
  • developing strategic objectives
  • developing sales materials
  • setting targets and KPIs
  • campaign planning
  • project management
  • telemarketing / email / direct mail
  • monitoring and control
  • sales team training
  • marketing communications

How does it work?

The Elite Results process gives a more comprehensive view of your business and its capabilities whilst its four-phased approach ensures that each stage of development is built on solid results before progressing. From planning to implementation, Elite Results is a total business development solution.

Discover - a review and familiarisation of your business and your people - we apply our planning models and begin to formulate an approach to your business development.

Report - we provide you with an initial report of our recommendations to help you achieve your required growth.

Agree - we agree with you the strategic objectives we will work towards and develop an action plan and key performance indicators.

Deliver - we deliver the agreed outputs each month, keeping communication lines open and highlighting additional opportunities that may arise.

We agree with you at the start of the delivery phase exactly what we will deliver on a month-by-month basis. This ensures that you are fully informed of our progress and remain in control of the overall project.