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Marketing for recruitment agencies

A growing agency formed in 1999 which specialises in temporary industrial recruitment.  


The agency wanted to develop a much deeper understanding of its growing client base of mainly Polish and Czech workers.  They also needed to recruit more skilled workers and learn how to identify suitable placements for them. 

Our Work
  • Researching needs of target market and agency selection process
  • Developing questionnaires and arranging focus groups
  • Recruiting and liaising with interpreters
  • Arranging translation of documentation into required languages
  • Organising a team-building trip to Prague and arranging an itinerary to visit a number of overseas recruitment and sourcing agencies
  • Initating a communications campaign to local employers promoting temporary industrial and skilled staff

The agency succeeded in recruiting both skilled workers and winning new clients.  Morale was boosted internally as staff became involved in the business development strategy.