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Marketing for dental laboratories

A dental laboratory servicing a national client base of dentists.

The company knew that customer loyalty towards dental laboratories was not highly evident among dentists.  They needed to find a way to encourage dentists to give more repeat business to them.

Our Work
  • Researching the needs and preferences of target market
  • Rebranding the client’s corporate identity and image
  • Developing a full suite of marketing and sales materials
  • Establishing client referral and loyalty incentive schemes
  • Creating a database of prospects and existing clients
  • Implementing a contact management system
  • Providing liaison and contract negotiation with third party suppliers
  • Rolling-out a full communications campaign
  • Creating opportunities to position the client as an expert within the dental laboratory sector

New business increased significantly within weeks of first campaign being launched.  The laboratory continues to use the same business development material that was first created which still generates regular new and repeat business for them.