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What is strategy?

We are often asked to define what we mean as strategy.  It provides a sense of unity, direction and purpose for an organisation and the marketing strategy should seamlessly plug into the business strategy, embracing the objectives of the organisation.

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Using your networks properly

It’s not uncommon these days for a business owner / manager to be a member of 20+ networks – the question is whether they are passive members (one that gets email updates of activity but does not participate) or an … Continue reading

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Face your biggest marketing challenge

Is there one thing that you keep putting off that you know if you tackled it you would get great results?   Is this your biggest marketing challenge? It isn’t uncommon to have this “huge” obstacle or challenge in place.  What … Continue reading

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Four strategies for cutting your to-do list in half (article by Michael Hyatt)

Michael Hyatt’s revelations below about time management are very easy to appreciate, and the ‘Two Minute Rule’ from David Allen is a real gem – and so simple I kick myself for not doing this sooner. But I suppose when … Continue reading

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How current is your market knowledge?

Think about the type of people you are trying to sell to.  Do you know what is going on in their world?  Do you understand what is important to them and what worries they have right now?  Are you familiar … Continue reading

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