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What is the AIDA principle and why is it important?

All communications should follow the AIDA principle.  Do yours? A – Attention.  You have to get the attention of your prospect before they do anything else.  So look at your headline, presentation, format etc.  Is it relevant? I – Interest. … Continue reading

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Crafting a successful offer

A good offer, which is compelling, persuasive and leaves the recipient with a clear notion of what they must do, can make all of the difference in the overall effectiveness of your direct marketing. In order to craft these highly … Continue reading

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Be patient – not everyone is ready to buy right now!

When you decide that you are embarking upon a business development/sales drive, remember that not all of your prospects are ready to buy on your timetable… in fact, very few will be! The “build and they will come” mentality rarely … Continue reading

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Webinars – the basics

Webinars have been around for at least ten years now and have advanced from the “dubious” dial-up connection, where people were unsure how much it would cost them to attend once call changes etc had been applied, to today’s very … Continue reading

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Write a winning sales letter

Direct mail can be extremely effective but companies waste thousands of pounds sending out inappropriate material to their existing and potential customers.  Here are some tips to make sure that you are increasing the value of your own communications. First … Continue reading

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If your ship doesn’t come in, you have to row out to meet it

Never has this been more true than in the current climate. You can communicate regularly with your propsects, lure them within arms reach, tempt them with lots of offers and still they don’t buy from you.  What next? Well sometimes … Continue reading

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Struggling to get in front of your target markets?

Consider sponsorship.  I don’t mean the high profile TV ad type of sponsorship (unless of course you have the budget and it works for you), I mean sponsor an event that they are likely to attend where your brand can … Continue reading

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How current is your market knowledge?

Think about the type of people you are trying to sell to.  Do you know what is going on in their world?  Do you understand what is important to them and what worries they have right now?  Are you familiar … Continue reading

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Make promotional products work

You can spend a lot of money on promotional products.  If they are relevant they can be very effective.   But, some people don’t put much thought into the type of promotional products their target audience and customers would actually find … Continue reading

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Sometimes it doesn’t all add up – why don’t your customers behave “normally”?!

We expect clients and customers to be reasonable and practical – to weigh up all the features and benefits of our product or service, evaluate that against our competitors, and then make a calculated and rational choice. This isn’t always … Continue reading

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