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Explore the best way to grow your business with Ansoff’s Matrix

Ansoff’s Matrix was first published in the Harvard Business Review in 1957.  Since its publication, it has given generations of marketers and business strategists a quick and simple way of thinking about growth. In essence, this is the grid.

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What is viral marketing?

The great thing about viral marketing is that you keep your distribution costs to a minimum!  You get your customers, colleagues, contacts etc to recommend your products or services to their own networks, meaning that an effective viral marketing campaign … Continue reading

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How viral marketing works online

Many companies do some form of viral marketing without being aware they are doing so!  If your email has a link to your website or a promotional message as part of your signature then you already have the basics in … Continue reading

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Getting customer service right

As a business you need to embrace the core principles of customer service before you can expect your clients to take your claims seriously.  You have to understand why you are committing to customer service and what that means before … Continue reading

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