Fast and furious first drafts

Here are ten fast-fire rules for writing good draft copy.

  1. Get away to somewhere quiet – just you, the keyboard and a blank document, no distractions
  2. Be in a fit and ready state to write, mentally and physically – be comfortable and well-rested, no stress or worry
  3. Just write – prolifically, no restraint or censorship
  4. Indulge your creativity and explore every tempting nook and cranny of your imagination, do not limit yourself
  5. Disregard grammar and spelling with ruthless abandon – you can clean things up afterwards
  6. It’s alright if it doesn’t flow or if it lacks any sense or order or logical progression – you want a stream of consciousness
  7. Don’t be concerned with things like style or voice – steal from whomever you like
  8. Do not interrupt yourself until you are finished – don’t stop in the middle and expect to return to it later
  9. Once you have finished your draft, leave it alone for a while – let it brew like a nice cuppa
  10. Be happy that you have completed the first step – now go back and see what you produced and start tidying things up

If you want any further information or tips on producing copy, or if you would like help to produce copy, please contact Elite Edge on 01706 642634 or email

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