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Are you an effective networker?

In order to be truly successful at networking it is absolutely critical that you keep your promises – be sure to do what you say you will do. Few things can be more damaging to your credibility as a reliable … Continue reading

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Can networking help your business?

Without a doubt I would say yes.  However, as somebody who has been actively networking since 1998 you can also waste an awful lot of time.  I have been a member of numerous different networking groups and some work better … Continue reading

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SlideShare – a great resource to help get your material out to the world!

I tend to use SlideShare for uploading presentations and sharing them with delegates who attended one of my events.  However, my aim is to look further into various programmes to find out what else they can do – like most … Continue reading

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The “simple” business card

Do you proudly deposit your business card into the hand of its intended recipient – or do you hand it over with some trepidation, hoping the other person doesn’t look at it too closely because you know it isn’t as … Continue reading

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Business Networking Events – get the most out of them

Whether you are a natural networker or you attend events and mingle with strangers under duress, have a read of this post to help you to get the most out of your business (and personal) networking events. We are frequently helping … Continue reading

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Using your networks properly

It’s not uncommon these days for a business owner / manager to be a member of 20+ networks – the question is whether they are passive members (one that gets email updates of activity but does not participate) or an … Continue reading

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