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10 attention-grabbing headline formulas

It makes sense that 80% of your success will be down to your headline so you need to put some work into making sure yours are attention-grabbing and appropriate.

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Marketing power words – 14 most powerful words in marketing!

What are the most powerful and effective words in marketing? Interestingly, “sale” isn’t one of them.

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Raise your profile

Raising your profile Reputation is very important! Think about your last significant or expensive purchase. How did you decide what to buy? If you’re like most people, you probably made your decision based on the reputation of the brand or … Continue reading

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Translate your features to customer benefits

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “so what” when somebody is telling you what makes their product or service so amazing?  This isn’t an uncommon reaction because most people are only telling you about the features of their product or … Continue reading

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Write an attention grabbing headline

Put yourself in a situation where you desperately need help.  For example you are stranded on a motorway in bad weather with no mobile phone and only a marker pen and a flip chart to hand! How would you attract … Continue reading

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Sales letter basics

The letter is usually the first thing that your prospect will read, even in you accompany it with a brochure.  You need to make it relevant.

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The only thing worse than being talked about…

…is not being talked about. Make sure your business makes the news by following these tips.

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7 steps to kick-start your PR

Step 1 – determine your target. Make a list of all the publications in your target market area.  Look at newspapers, trade magazines, local newsletters etc.  If you are interested in broadcast, also list local radio stations and television channels. … Continue reading

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Find out if your product or service is weak…

A quick acid test to find out if your product or service is weak is to write an advertisement for it. Write the ad using your best content – you need a great hook, good creative and maybe an image. … Continue reading

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Simple techniques to improve search engine ranking

Keyword optimisation is one way to improve your search engine ranking and you don’t need to be an expert to make some simple improvements on your use of keywords. You need to strike a balance between finding keyword search phrases … Continue reading

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