The only thing worse than being talked about…

…is not being talked about.

Make sure your business makes the news by following these tips.

1. Is your story a story? PR is all about news, it isn’t an advert.  Make sure that you have a real story to tell, otherwise journalists will not bother to read your future submissions.

2. The 5 W’s. Who, What, Where, When and Why.  The 5 w’s sum up the information you need to provide in a basic press release.  Who is the story about, what is the story, where is it happening, when and why?

3. Cut the c**p! Shouting about your AMAZING, FABULOUS, SUPER product or service is too much like an advert and is unbelievable.  PR adds credibility to your products and is perceived as independent by the reader so stick to the facts.  If your story is strong enough then you don’t need to pad it out.

4. Format. Your press release should be no more than 2 pages long – written in 1.5 or double line spacing and should always be dated.  Make sure you include your own contact details and also any editors notes that gives any background to your company or further references for the story itself.

5. Know your market. Make a quick phone call to the publication you are hoping will publish your story.  Find out  the name of the journalist you need to contact, how they prefer to receive copy (by post or email), what their print deadlines are and more importantly make sure that the readership of the chosen publication is right for your story.

6. Await publication. It may be a few issues before the editor chooses to use your material – especially if you are writing for a forthcoming feature – but if you have spoken to the journalist make sure you write to thank them for using your story – amazingly not many people do this and it will earn you brownie points for the future.

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