The reason why

Why should your prospects buy from you?  Why should they select your product over that of your competitors?  Why is it better for them?

I just don't know! Give me a reason!

You need to be able to demonstrate why you are the best choice for your prospects.  Can you talk about why other people choose you?

Or what about making comparisons that show your product or service in the best light?  You can explain why yours is superior to others and illustrate the reason why the result is greater.

You have to talk about the reasons why the promise you are making is achievable.  Litter your sales material with “you” or “yours” and not “I”, “we” and “ours”.

You have to get inside the mind of your prospect and create mental movies in your own mind – talk about not just the features of your product (…so what…) but the benefits to the customer of choosing you.

Make sure you target the emotional buying triggers with your unique selling points – you have to understand the customer and what they want to do this effectively.

We all like to be led down a purchase path whether remotely or in a hands-on manner.  It is your job to give your prospects a reason to buy from you.

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