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Raise your profile

Raising your profile Reputation is very important! Think about your last significant or expensive purchase. How did you decide what to buy? If you’re like most people, you probably made your decision based on the reputation of the brand or … Continue reading

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Publicise your business – 10 ways to get yourself in the limelight

Here are ten ways that you can start to generate publicity for your company, which not only helps to position you as an expert in your chosen field(s) but also helps to keep you in the limelight ahead of your … Continue reading

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Small business marketing strategies for tackling larger companies

Positioning, PR keys to competing as a small business One of the great challenges facing small business owners is that they must often battle for customers with larger competitors, who can afford to run more advertising, offer lower prices, and … Continue reading

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The squeaky wheel gets more business

We’ve all heard the old adage that ‘the squeaky wheel gets more grease’ – and, well, it makes sense doesn’t it. If you hear it squeaking, you’re more likely to put some extra grease on there to stop it. Well, … Continue reading

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The only thing worse than being talked about…

…is not being talked about. Make sure your business makes the news by following these tips.

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7 steps to kick-start your PR

Step 1 – determine your target. Make a list of all the publications in your target market area.  Look at newspapers, trade magazines, local newsletters etc.  If you are interested in broadcast, also list local radio stations and television channels. … Continue reading

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Your competitor is all over the news – have you missed your chance?

If it makes you feel really upset when your competitor is featured in a story on the business pages of the local paper or business magazine – especially when she is commenting on an issue you know more about – … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day – 8 March 2011

Today sees inspirational and enterprising women around the globe celebrating the centenary of International Women’s Day Is there an opportunity for you to take advantage of either for this occasion or other forthcoming dates?  It will involve forward planning of … Continue reading

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