9 ways to win media coverage without news

In a nutshell you create news!

  1. Run a survey. Choose a topic that you’d like to be associated with, that’s timely and not too controversial.  Design the questions to get you the news you want and think about your sample base (the higher the more credible but you can do 10 and still report in percentages).
  2. Publish a report. You can focus a series of aptly titled reports onto different market sectors and do maybe one a month for each sector.  It need only be a 200 word checklist for example or a gallery of specific how-to tips.
  3. Mount an editorial contest. Prizes can come from your products or services so you get the space for free.  As a rule of thumb the total retail value of the prize(s) should equal the advertising value of the space gained.  But you should not have to pay advertising costs.
  4. Set up and run an editorial round-table. Get the editor of your chosen magazine to chair a debate and invite some of your existing clients, contacts and even prospects.  You’re the host and would provide the venue and refreshments.
  5. Publish an e-book and give it away free. This has to be on something specific that would be of interest to the readership of the chosen publication
  6. Make a speech. Think about events where you can offer your expert services as a speaker and promote this to the media.
  7. Sponsor an event. It doesn’t have to be high-profile as long as its appropriate for your business and of interest to the target media.
  8. Letters to the Editor. Respond to a news or feature item with a strongly worded letter that calls for action from the government or trade bodies.
  9. Use Feature Lists. Many publications will publish a feature list in advance.  Look at what’s being covered in they synopses and target the most appropriate ones.
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