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Branded content (PDFs) for effective communications

We’ve developed a checklist of sorts to walk you through the process of content generation – this should help you avoid making it a real chore. We recommend that you consider using PDF documents as they are a good platform … Continue reading

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Don’t confuse your offer, have one clear and consistent message

Have you ever tried to listen to two conversations simultaneously? You might be able to hear them, but can you really listen and process the information? It’s hard to do, isn’t it? So why is it that some businesses try … Continue reading

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If you can’t change it, then use it to your advantage

We hear people say all the time, ‘we’re going to position our business as the market leader.’ We say to them, ‘good luck trying.’ You might think that’s a bit dismissive or unfair on our part. It’s not as simple … Continue reading

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Fight Smarter not Harder

Sun Tzu said, ‘The best strategy in war is to win without a fight.’ Deciding to go where your competitors aren’t could be a potentially rewarding strategy. By focusing on markets, products or services your competitors have avoided could be … Continue reading

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