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Consolidate your marketing

Being busy doesn’t always mean being effective!   By being a business that is clear on what you offer, you will beat the competition that has a comparable offering. The company that clearly articulates what it does, why it’s relevant … Continue reading

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Positioning yourself in the market

We work with many clients who assumed they were positioned at a certain level in their chosen markets.  However, when you start to analyse the market dynamics and reasons why campaigns are failing, it is usually because they have perceived … Continue reading

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What marketing department?

Most of half Japanese companies do not have a separate marketing department because they believe that everyone in the company should be involved in marketing. This makes sense because it doesn’t matter how much work a marketing department does to … Continue reading

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Promotional domain names

Often we work with clients to promote new services, seminars, events or launches as part of their marketing strategy.  If we are developing a campaign-specific strategy it may be that we will purchase promotional domain names to create a more … Continue reading

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How to use QR Codes to make your marketing more effective

  Here are 9 ways to use QR codes effectively in your marketing: Increase online sales. Drive traffic to your website.  QR codes can link to specific web pages and you can also create codes that are specific to individual … Continue reading

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