Consolidate your marketing

Being busy doesn’t always mean being effective!


By being a business that is clear on what you offer, you will beat the competition that has a comparable offering. The company that clearly articulates what it does, why it’s relevant and how it’s different not only helps customers make better and faster buying decisions, it also (perhaps more importantly) knows where it is going and so does every member of staff.


As your marketing continually evolves, you will find you are doing lots of repetitive tasks and perhaps not even monitoring whether those strategies are still working for you.


The first thing you must do is revisit the goals and objectives for your business.  If you are not keeping those at the forefront of your mind then it is very easy to lose focus and that’s when things start to unravel.  Each activity much link to a goal and they all must work together.


I often say to clients that once you have produced something it can be reworked for lots of different things – for example, a press release can become social content, a case study, an article, a blog post, a PDF etc – there is no point reinventing the wheel, but content has to be appropriate for the platform you are using it on.


A lot of people say content is king and that is certainly the case online BUT it has to be quality first over quantity.  There is no point churning out lots of unstructured material when (a) nobody is interested and (b) it cannot be found by your prospects.


Insofar as consolidating your marketing, keep your messages consistent, represent your brand with integrity, integrate your marketing strategies where possible and keep your eyes open for opportunities to regurgitate work already produced.


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