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4 tips to writing an instant speech

Last month two clients asked us to help in this area following last minute requests for them to deliver presentations.  We’ve not come across a more simple and effective formula for writing a speech as the one outlined below. If … Continue reading

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Webinars – the basics

Webinars have been around for at least ten years now and have advanced from the “dubious” dial-up connection, where people were unsure how much it would cost them to attend once call changes etc had been applied, to today’s very … Continue reading

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Can networking help your business?

Without a doubt I would say yes.  However, as somebody who has been actively networking since 1998 you can also waste an awful lot of time.  I have been a member of numerous different networking groups and some work better … Continue reading

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Struggling to get in front of your target markets?

Consider sponsorship.  I don’t mean the high profile TV ad type of sponsorship (unless of course you have the budget and it works for you), I mean sponsor an event that they are likely to attend where your brand can … Continue reading

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Doodle – great tool for scheduling events

This is a super free tool and is quick to create an account.  It lets you schedule meetings and events and you simply  send a link for your event to those you want there, allowing them to add themselves and … Continue reading

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What event(s) can you take advantage of as a business?

Another way to stay current and keep your customers and prospects well-informed is to respond in a timely manner to significant events or dates in the year. If there are big ticket industry events or particular times within the year … Continue reading

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Friday 13th

I’ve spoken before about using key dates and events to get in front of your prospects and when a Friday 13th comes around the media is full of superstitious articles, comments and predictions of why things happen on this day.

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