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Differentiators that don’t work

When you explain why a client should use your services, make sure you don’t roll-off the following “differentiators”.  Why?  Because they are trite, overused and ineffective.  My next blog post will cover the differentiators that you should use.

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Differentiators that do work

Following on from last week’s post Differentiators that don’t work I wanted to talk today about those that do.  You need to distinguish yourself by focusing on how you will provide benefits and insights for clients.

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Find out if your product or service is weak…

A quick acid test to find out if your product or service is weak is to write an advertisement for it. Write the ad using your best content – you need a great hook, good creative and maybe an image. … Continue reading

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Get started with your marketing NOW

You’ll send that marketing e-shot out to the database once you’ve sorted out the little button on the website that you want a different colour.  Or maybe it would be best to wait until Monday, it’s no good sending on … Continue reading

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9 ways to win media coverage without news

In a nutshell you create news! Run a survey. Choose a topic that you’d like to be associated with, that’s timely and not too controversial.  Design the questions to get you the news you want and think about your sample … Continue reading

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