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5 strategies to kick-start your lead generation process

We all know what we should be doing but sometimes a quick recap revitalises our focus. The best marketers channel their efforts at the front end of the sales and marketing process and here are 5 ways to revitalise lead … Continue reading

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What is viral marketing?

The great thing about viral marketing is that you keep your distribution costs to a minimum!  You get your customers, colleagues, contacts etc to recommend your products or services to their own networks, meaning that an effective viral marketing campaign … Continue reading

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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe – I’ll have that one..

How do you make your prospects choose you above your competitors?  What reason do they have to do so? There are lots of pitch stories out there but one that sticks in my mind is the very brave design agency … Continue reading

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Never underestimate the value of a contact

Regardless of how unlikely it may first appear to be, anyone could be a valuable business contact. The most obvious question being, ‘How can you know who they know?’ You can bet that the first time you make the mistake … Continue reading

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Can networking help your business?

Without a doubt I would say yes.  However, as somebody who has been actively networking since 1998 you can also waste an awful lot of time.  I have been a member of numerous different networking groups and some work better … Continue reading

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