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Do you sometimes look at larger projects and decide not to go for them because you don’t have the capacity to deliver, even though the project is right up your street? If so, consider collaboration.  The two types of collaboration … Continue reading

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Webinars – the basics

Webinars have been around for at least ten years now and have advanced from the “dubious” dial-up connection, where people were unsure how much it would cost them to attend once call changes etc had been applied, to today’s very … Continue reading

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Grab those opportunities

Somebody once told me to imagine my path towards a goal as a straight line with A as the start point and B as the finishing point. He told me to imagine myself walking along this path with random objects … Continue reading

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“Sorry they don’t work here anymore, in fact they left two years ago…”

How embarrassing would this be when you are making a sales call? Your list is THE most important tool you own for prospecting.  If this isn’t up to date then everything else will fall apart around it. List fundamentals are … Continue reading

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Business Networking Events – get the most out of them

Whether you are a natural networker or you attend events and mingle with strangers under duress, have a read of this post to help you to get the most out of your business (and personal) networking events. We are frequently helping … Continue reading

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