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The power of one

Good marketing starts with good positioning. Here are some very simple things you must do to achieve success for each project or campaign. Make noise to establish your business in the minds of your customers – PR and social media … Continue reading

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Quick ideas for fast marketing results

As you start to develop your marketing strategies and begin to implement the work required, progress is 0f course being being made but some things take time to nurture. Here are 8 ideas for you to explore that have the … Continue reading

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What is the AIDA principle and why is it important?

All communications should follow the AIDA principle.  Do yours? A – Attention.  You have to get the attention of your prospect before they do anything else.  So look at your headline, presentation, format etc.  Is it relevant? I – Interest. … Continue reading

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Don’t use 50 words when 10 will do

Sometimes we are guilty of bombarding our prospects with information that they have no interest in. Ask yourself: Is what you are telling them what YOU want them to know or is it what THEY need to know?

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Fast and furious first drafts

Here are ten fast-fire rules for writing good draft copy. Get away to somewhere quiet – just you, the keyboard and a blank document, no distractions Be in a fit and ready state to write, mentally and physically – be … Continue reading

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Getting the subject line right in your email campaigns

There’s a lot to consider when you’re planning a subject line for your marketing campaigns.  They convey important information that helps the recipient to decide whether or not to open your email.  They can support or damage your brand image … Continue reading

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Marketing power words – 14 most powerful words in marketing!

What are the most powerful and effective words in marketing? Interestingly, “sale” isn’t one of them.

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Three Levels of a Product or Service

Many businesses view their product or service as the tangible item the customer receives. So you buy a new car and that’s the product.  It’s not as simple as that in marketing terms! Taking the car as an example the … Continue reading

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Do the hardest things well

If you’re being specific and limiting your service offering to one thing, you would be wise to aim high. Why? If your business is going to be known for something then you should aim to do the hardest thing better … Continue reading

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9 ways to win media coverage without news

In a nutshell you create news! Run a survey. Choose a topic that you’d like to be associated with, that’s timely and not too controversial.  Design the questions to get you the news you want and think about your sample … Continue reading

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