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Barriers to successful implementation

You allocate time, begin the task(s) and then wonder why things have not progressed accordingly.  Here are some of the most frequently encountered barriers to the implementation of plans in a business.

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How do you achieve client satisfaction with a service-based business?

If you work in a service-based business you will know how difficult it can be to achieve client satisfaction. It can even sometimes be difficult to properly articulate the value or define the benefit of your services, thereby making it … Continue reading

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How to improve the performance of your sales force

It is far easier to sell something you believe in. If your sales force is struggling, it may be that they lack conviction or a unified belief and vision. Your selling message may not be strong enough or distinct enough. … Continue reading

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How to… write a great case study

Case studies are a common element of proposals, discussions and presentations.  Most people just produce them without having a strategy behind the development of them. You can use them on your website, even link to the client site if you … Continue reading

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Get your prospect approach communication right

The key to writing an effective and compelling approach letter or email is to focus on good communication. Keep your letter specific – avoid being too vague or over-generalising as you may fail to engage your audience Make sure your letter is … Continue reading

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The value of a good case study

Stories appeal to us, we like dramatic narratives. We can relate to them and generally find them interesting and sometimes entertaining. Since the time of the Greek playwrights of 2500 years ago we have shown an interest in stories – … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s all about how you say it…

Does a name matter? We think so! Flat or apartment?  You say flat and an old tower block springs to mind on a not so desirable estate.  Say apartment and I’m envisaging waterfront and / or city centre luxury living.  … Continue reading

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Are you an effective networker?

In order to be truly successful at networking it is absolutely critical that you keep your promises – be sure to do what you say you will do. Few things can be more damaging to your credibility as a reliable … Continue reading

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What marketing department?

Most of half Japanese companies do not have a separate marketing department because they believe that everyone in the company should be involved in marketing. This makes sense because it doesn’t matter how much work a marketing department does to … Continue reading

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The squeaky wheel gets more business

We’ve all heard the old adage that ‘the squeaky wheel gets more grease’ – and, well, it makes sense doesn’t it. If you hear it squeaking, you’re more likely to put some extra grease on there to stop it. Well, … Continue reading

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