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Customer contact points – which one could lose you the business?

Do you know what your customer contact points are?  Receiving your business card, speaking to your receptionist, receiving an email and visiting your website are just a few. Are they effective? It is good practice to study every point that … Continue reading

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Do you have marketing myopia?

Theodore Levitt coined this now famous phrase ‘marketing myopia’ which basically means tunnel vision. Often we are too busy keeping afloat to see the vastness of the ocean we are in.  Translated into business terms this simply means we sometimes … Continue reading

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Big impact doesn’t have to mean big bucks

Effective marketing campaigns don’t need big-company budgets. By being smart at the outset and taking the necessary time at the planning stage, you can coax the greatest value from your budget, regardless of its size. Big impact doesn’t always mean … Continue reading

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Promotional domain names

Often we work with clients to promote new services, seminars, events or launches as part of their marketing strategy.  If we are developing a campaign-specific strategy it may be that we will purchase promotional domain names to create a more … Continue reading

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Fight Smarter not Harder

Sun Tzu said, ‘The best strategy in war is to win without a fight.’ Deciding to go where your competitors aren’t could be a potentially rewarding strategy. By focusing on markets, products or services your competitors have avoided could be … Continue reading

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Economising your marketing spend the Guerrilla way

Jay Conrad Levinson introduced the concept of Guerrilla Marketing many years ago and it is now a huge brand in its own right.  They challenge typical marketing methodology and adapt delivery to fit the Guerrilla process. According to the principles … Continue reading

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