Marketing power words – 14 most powerful words in marketing!

What are the most powerful and effective words in marketing?

Interestingly, “sale” isn’t one of them.

It’s really interesting how the brain works and below is a list of the 14 most powerful and effective words in marketing.  This list is from a book called 2,239 Tested Secrets for Direct Marketing Success and are 14 words that direct marketing agencies have known about for years.

They’re based on decades of A/B split tests (more on these tests in another post but basically they are tests where you run two adverts, one with certain words in that you leave out of the other)  – the one that gets the best response (out-pulls the other) is the successful ad that you would run with.

The book tells you about the way these words persuade and encourage people to buy things.  So here are the 14 most powerful and effective words in marketing:

  • Free
  • Now
  • You
  • Save
  • Money
  • Easy
  • Guarantee
  • Health
  • Results
  • New
  • Love
  • Discovery
  • Proven
  • Safety

The all tap into an emotional trigger that the buyer (your prospect) is seeking reassurance on – they talk to our deepest and most instinctive impulses.

You can test these words for your own business by doing an A/B split test with Google AdWords (or another paid search tool) or an email campaign.  So choose the words most appropriate for you – new, proven etc – and run them in one batch but not the other.  Then compare your results.   There will be a difference!  If you test on the same demographic at the same time with the same offer you have an accurate reflection (sample size can vary) of what that audience responds to.

We can do this for you if you prefer – email Marie for further information.

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3 Responses to Marketing power words – 14 most powerful words in marketing!

  1. Good post Marie

    I can vouch for the majority of the above, I’ve successfully run a few Adwords campaigns using a combination of New, You, Free and results.


  2. Marie says:

    Thanks David – good to hear it working in practice.


  3. Aida Rich says:

    wish to learn more. i have a problem in creating words

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