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There is something to be said for just being ‘good enough’

Sometimes, being the ‘best’ choice for a prospect isn’t what will ultimately decide whether you get the work. Sometimes, it may be important to be ‘good enough’ or even just ‘safe’. We can’t always assume that our prospects are motivated … Continue reading

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Write an attention grabbing headline

Put yourself in a situation where you desperately need help.  For example you are stranded on a motorway in bad weather with no mobile phone and only a marker pen and a flip chart to hand! How would you attract … Continue reading

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How to improve the performance of your sales force

It is far easier to sell something you believe in. If your sales force is struggling, it may be that they lack conviction or a unified belief and vision. Your selling message may not be strong enough or distinct enough. … Continue reading

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Consolidate your marketing

Being busy doesn’t always mean being effective!   By being a business that is clear on what you offer, you will beat the competition that has a comparable offering. The company that clearly articulates what it does, why it’s relevant … Continue reading

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What do you actually DO?

Forget what business you are in – what do you actually do? When somebody asks you this question, most people respond like this: “What is it you do?” “We’re accountants.” “OK, so what do you DO?”

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Are you stereotyped?

I mean in the eyes of your prospects? When I think about the following jobs, I automatically associate characteristics with people who work in those roles – righly or wrongly: Double Glazing Salesman – aggressive, hard sell, ruthless

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