What is the AIDA principle and why is it important?

All communications should follow the AIDA principle.  Do yours?

A – Attention.  You have to get the attention of your prospect before they do anything else.  So look at your headline, presentation, format etc.  Is it relevant?

I – Interest. Once you have their attention it is then necessary to hold their interest long enough to give them more information and create a need for your product or service.

D – Desire.  They are interested but do they want it?  It’s your job to create a desire for the product or service in your prospects.

A – Action.  If you fail to give your prospects the next course of action you want them to take (call, email, buy online etc) then you may as well work for your competitors.  You’ve created a need and desire for your product but what do they do now?  Make sure you cover this.

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