Top 10 sales mistakes and how to avoid them – part 1

I’ve just spent some time looking around various websites on this topic and it seems that the following are the most common mistakes that salespeople make.

Shut up! I'm ready to buy!

  1. Being aggressive and pushy.  You should aim to adopt a friendly and service oriented approach that focuses on the customers’ needs.  Find out when the best time is for them to talk to you, and respect that.  If you call and it isn’t convenient, don’t try to railroad them into another slot, just ask when it would be a good time to call again.
  2. Talking too much and not listening enough.  You will have heard the saying we have two ears and one mouth and should use them in proportion!  Unfortunately we often don’t do this.  Ask relevant questions and listen carefully to the prospect’s answers.  If you appear genuinely interested in finding the right product for the customer you are more likely to make a sale.
  3. Using words that don’t appeal to the customer.  If your sales pitch includes phrases like “5 year contract” or “50% deposit” you could kill the sale.  It would be better to say “we can OK the paperwork and get going” for example.  Also don’t use industry jargon!
  4. Lack of sincerity.  If you don’t believe in the product or service that you are selling then how do you expect your prospect to trust you.  If you try to convince them that a more expensive product or longer contract term is required then you may end up with a dissatisfied customer who will spread the word about your unruly approach.
  5. Not knowing when to close the sale.  You have to look out for your prospects buying signals and aim to close at that point.  They could be asking to see instruction manuals, delivery details, financing options etc – don’t be afraid to ask your prospect if they are ready to buy it now – alot of salespeople never ask for the deal!

Part 2 will follow!

We have worked with many sales teams helping them to align the marketing and sales processes within their companies to sell more, so if you would like to know more, please get in touch.

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