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Give your customers a reason to listen to you

Often, your business’s greatest competition isn’t from other businesses who want your customers but rather from life and the hectic pace of things. As you may be able to relate to, your prospects are probably very busy – and constantly … Continue reading

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How NOT to attract new clients!

We’ve focused on how to go about winning new clients in previous posts so thought I’d just clarify the best ways NOT to attract them – the deadly sins to avoid at all costs! Below are the rules that will … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s all about how you say it…

Does a name matter? We think so! Flat or apartment?  You say flat and an old tower block springs to mind on a not so desirable estate.  Say apartment and I’m envisaging waterfront and / or city centre luxury living.  … Continue reading

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The “simple” business card

Do you proudly deposit your business card into the hand of its intended recipient – or do you hand it over with some trepidation, hoping the other person doesn’t look at it too closely because you know it isn’t as … Continue reading

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Get your prospect approach communication right

The key to writing an effective and compelling approach letter or email is to focus on good communication. Keep your letter specific – avoid being too vague or over-generalising as you may fail to engage your audience Make sure your letter is … Continue reading

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The only thing worse than being talked about…

…is not being talked about. Make sure your business makes the news by following these tips.

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The benefit of video for SEO performance

The benefit of video content might not be immediately apparent to everyone; but as soon as you consider that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google then the benefits become more obvious. Video content is especially useful for … Continue reading

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Are you maximising every point of contact?

Ask yourself this, ‘How many points of contact does my business have with potential customers?’ You might be surprised to see how few there really are: a business card, your receptionist, your office or showroom, your website, an email flyer, … Continue reading

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Building successful customer relationships

We should all be working to build long-term customer relationships. A one-off, quick-hit sale can be easier to achieve, relatively speaking; but that sort of approach to customers leads to more of the same – a lot of work for … Continue reading

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Friday 13th

I’ve spoken before about using key dates and events to get in front of your prospects and when a Friday 13th comes around the media is full of superstitious articles, comments and predictions of why things happen on this day.

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