Sometimes it’s all about how you say it…

Does a name matter? We think so!

Flat or apartment?  You say flat and an old tower block springs to mind on a not so desirable estate.  Say apartment and I’m envisaging waterfront and / or city centre luxury living.  In essence its the same thing but what you call it can have a significant impact on the price somebody is willing to pay for it!

What product or service do you have that could be renamed and repositioned?

A good example is Macy’s department store in the US.  Many decades ago they had a surplus stock of dressing gowns / terrycloth robes.  They were very nice but they were not selling.  Bernice Fitzgibbon decided that they were not robes anymore – they were blotters!  The name that Europeans used for these garments, and the new adverts for blotters resulted in sales sky-rocketing.

Same product. Or was it?

Sometimes, it’s all about how you say it!

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