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Cross-selling: the ace up your sleeve?

We all know that it takes a lot more time and costs more money to win new business than to look after the clients you already have.  On this basis, it should mean that cross-selling services in professional firms is … Continue reading

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Turn your company into a heavily quoted source

Follow these steps for making your company a heavily quoted source. Ever wonder why your competitors keep cropping up in coverage – whether it be national dailies, on big-time TV broadcasts or even in local business magazines – while your … Continue reading

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People buy people

At the end of the day, ‘people buy people’ is still a constant truth in business. The work does not always go to the best business on paper – sometimes it goes to the one who made a better connection … Continue reading

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Show me you care! Dealing with post-purchase dissonance

I spoke about giving your customers a reason to buy from you in a previous post The Reason Why and wanted to expand on this theme today. Once you’ve given them “the reason why” what next?  It would be nice … Continue reading

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Marketing blunders

Despite our best intentions marketing mistakes can and do happen. And they aren’t limited to the ‘little guys’ either. Below are some examples of famous gaffs made by large companies with sizeable marketing budgets and highly experienced teams. It just … Continue reading

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