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Explore the best way to grow your business with Ansoff’s Matrix

Ansoff’s Matrix was first published in the Harvard Business Review in 1957.  Since its publication, it has given generations of marketers and business strategists a quick and simple way of thinking about growth. In essence, this is the grid.

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No two services are exactly the same

They can’t be, they are delivered at different times by different people, circumstances alone dictate that they must differ. When you ask a director/partner of a service company, “What makes your service different?” you often get an unclear response. “Honestly, … Continue reading

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What is strategy?

We are often asked to define what we mean as strategy.  It provides a sense of unity, direction and purpose for an organisation and the marketing strategy should seamlessly plug into the business strategy, embracing the objectives of the organisation.

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Face your biggest marketing challenge

Is there one thing that you keep putting off that you know if you tackled it you would get great results?   Is this your biggest marketing challenge? It isn’t uncommon to have this “huge” obstacle or challenge in place.  What … Continue reading

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Can networking help your business?

Without a doubt I would say yes.  However, as somebody who has been actively networking since 1998 you can also waste an awful lot of time.  I have been a member of numerous different networking groups and some work better … Continue reading

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Role playing really works

You might look and sound silly (in your opinion) but this really works. Whether its a presenation, a phone call or a networking event where you want to try out a new approach – record yourself doing this.  It will … Continue reading

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What do you actually DO?

Forget what business you are in – what do you actually do? When somebody asks you this question, most people respond like this: “What is it you do?” “We’re accountants.” “OK, so what do you DO?”

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Are you stereotyped?

I mean in the eyes of your prospects? When I think about the following jobs, I automatically associate characteristics with people who work in those roles – righly or wrongly: Double Glazing Salesman – aggressive, hard sell, ruthless

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Get to know your competitors

Many companies don’t gather competitor intelligence because they fail to recognise the value of doing so.  If you decide that you are going to monitor competitive activity then you must put a plan in place to make sure you have … Continue reading

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Throw out the rule book!

Who decided the way your industry should work? Give yourself permission to think in a different way. There are no rules so throw out the book and start to achieve more – generate new ideas and subsequently leads by allowing … Continue reading

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