Write a great sales proposal

Tips for writing a good sales proposal

1. open with a situation summary – you are summarising your understanding of your prospect’s plight and demonstrating that you have a good understanding of the problems or challenges they face

2. make a list of your prospect’s key objectives – this shows you understand what they most want to accomplish or achieve (it also demonstrates how well you have listened to them before)

3. detail several points that explain the value of achieving those objectives and the impact it will have on your prospects company (sales increase, greater customer loyalty, reduced costs, better morale etc) you are demonstrating that you understand why the objectives they have are important to the business and how much immediate and sustained value are to be had by achieving their objectives

This information should appear on the first page of your sales proposal – it shows you understand them, you get their needs and that you understand the issues and challenges they face. You are showing them the level of investment you have made in them – and, as it is all about them, you’ll no doubt have their attention.

After this first page it’s about how you will help your prospect to achieve their objectives. Seems obvious doesn’t it, yet many companies still make the mistake of shouting about themselves too long. Yes, your prospect needs to know something about you; whether you’re experienced and qualified and whether you’re credible. But, most of all, they need to hear what you are going to do for them, how you propose to take away their pain.

Make your proposal easy to use – help guide the reader’s attention with headlines and chunk the text into easily digestible pieces. Focus on what is relevant and important. Ask yourself, ‘so what?’ – make sure everything you say has a purpose beyond self-flattery.

Stop and think, ‘Do they need to know this – to buy from me – or do I just want them to know.

If you need help to get your sales proposals up to speed, contact me.

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