Getting customer service right

Customer service can be the difference between you and your competitors winning the business

As a business you need to embrace the core principles of customer service before you can expect your clients to take your claims seriously.  You have to understand why you are committing to customer service and what that means before you drill down to the mechanics of how you deliver your customer service principles.

Think about the following.

  1. Most companies will say that their people are their biggest asset.  In customer service terms its their friendly people.  How friendly are your people?
  2. Customers need your help.  They only call, visit or email bedcause they needs answers, service, orders or information.  What do they get from your company?
  3. They start talking when you stop talking.  It’s true!  They will either say something good, nothing at all or something bad.  What do your customers say after dealing with you?
  4. Memorable service leads to positive word of mouth advertising and repeat business.  Are you creating moments or stories that are good enough for your customers to retell?
  5. Word of mouth is far more powerful than advetising.  In fact, its probably the most effective form of advertising there is because the prospect trusts the source.  Are your customers telling others how great you are?
  6. There is a logical and emotional side of serving the customer.  Problem solving is the logical side, fixing the issues that surround the problem is the emotional side – including feelings.  Do your solutions cover both elements?
  7. Make sure you understand the total problem and not just be a part of it.  Do you understand the ripple effects that your customers may have to deal with in relation to their own productivity etc as a result of their problem with your company?
  8. Satisfied does not mean loyal.  Satisfied customers will buy anywhere, loyal customers will stay with you and tell others to do business with you.  How does your customer base stack up?
  9. It’s not a one-off purchase.  Customers will need your product or service again and the question you have to answer is will they buy from you?
  10. Make it easy for them to do business with you.  They are more likely to come back if the process is easy and pleasant.
  11. What do your customers think of you?  Their perception is reality.
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