Crafting a successful offer

A good offer, which is compelling, persuasive and leaves the recipient with a clear notion of what they must do, can make all of the difference in the overall effectiveness of your direct marketing.

In order to craft these highly productive offers, here are the elements which should be considered:

  1. Your offer should feature something new (product, service, price etc)
  2. Your offer should feature a sale price or special discounted rate
  3. Your offer should feature a bonus gift (free report, discount code, extra level of service etc) for purchasing, registering, repsonding, visiting
  4. Your offer should feature a time limit to encourage prompt responses (you want to create a sense of urgency)
  5. Your offer should feature a clear call to action for the recipient (‘call now to claim your…’, ‘register your details online with the offer code to…’, ‘follow us and like our page to…’)

The best offers include several of these elements. Think about how else you can improve your next offer to your existing and propspective customers – make sure it is clear what you are asking them to do to take advantage of the offer and put a time limit on it to encourage them to act promptly whilst it’s still fresh in their mind.

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