Don’t confuse your offer, have one clear and consistent message

Have you ever tried to listen to two conversations simultaneously? You might be able to hear them, but can you really listen and process the information?

It’s hard to do, isn’t it? So why is it that some businesses try to communicate more than one message to their customers? Do they believe that their customers are able to process multiple messages? Will their customers be able to sift through all that information and find the most important and relevant elements for themselves?

Prospective customers are more likely to choose the business that’s communicating one consistent and clear message which is relevant to them. Customers want to believe that the business is focused on their interests and committed to satisfying their needs – they want to have faith that the business is concentrating its efforts on doing that one thing as well as it possibly can.

How can a customer feel confident if a business is communicating several different messages? Is the business confused about what it is offering? Does it understand what it is meant to be doing for its customers? Does that business lack focus and commitment – is it trying to do too many things for too many people (and doing none of them particularly well)?

A business should concentrate on communicating one consistent and clear message to its customers. If what that business wants to say to its customers can’t be distilled down to one clear message then it will only serve to confuse and distract them. It will likely be too complex or too vague and lack any convincing clarity or focus. And as we are aware already, with all that’s being said by so many businesses, one clear, concise and distinct message which is focused and relevant will be far more effective at catching your customer’s interest.

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