Make a personal investment in your prospects

In most cases where you’ve won new business there’s an element of risk for your prospect-come-client. If they’ve never had any experience of your services before (and they don’t have the benefit of a firm recommendation from someone they trust) then they’re bound to be wary.

If you’re business development approach seems less hands-on or removes your personal involvement from the process they may be even more aware of that risk. They may even interpret your distance from the process as indifference.

One way to mitigate their concern is to demonstrate that you are willing to make a personal investment in winning their business. People still buy people and this is important to remember, especially in a service-based business.

Before you can reasonably expect a prospect to take a risk and ‘invest’ in your brand, you probably need to show willing and contribute some personal time and effort to ‘winning’ that business from them.

Give them your personal contact details, not general office numbers and emails. Follow up any communications personally, don’t offload it to a junior member of staff. Take control of the process and maintain the initiative – don’t leave prospects to chase you, you chase them (politely).

You are trying to show that you are serious about winning their business and that it is important enough to you and your brand that you are taking a personal role in winning that business. If you want them to risk their money, you need to invest your time and effort to convince them it’s worthwhile.

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