The two words any customer loves to hear

No problem.

Even if there is a problem, your customer doesn’t care – he is interested in getting the goods or service you promised him full stop.  Your job is simply to deliver what you agreed.

The words “no problem” could be used to answer hundreds of questions and statements, think about it!

Can you get this done by tomorrow morning?  No problem!

This is a little big for what I need.  No problem!

It’s awful without ketchup.  No problem!

Can we book an extra seat?  No problem!

The words imply that you are onto their need and will sort it out.

The customer doesn’t care if you have been up all night, had an issue with a supplier, had to wait for hours for the emergency breakdown services etc etc etc – it really isn’t their problem.  It might make you feel better to tell them how much trouble you went through to finish their job, which was way over and above what was agreed – but honesstly, they don’t care.  It’s like when somebody turns up late for a meeting and tells you about the reason – you just don’t care.

If you deliver what you say when you say you will within budget, there is no problem!  Your customer loves you and will use you again.  He will recommend you to his contacts because he has had a good experience with you.  No problem!

How can you use “no problem” in your responses?

p.s. it works better with a smile!

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