Develop a core marketing message

Central to any company’s effective marketing is a message that speaks powerfully and consistently to your existing and potential clients.

Work through these points and you will be well on the way to developing a marketing message for your own business.

Once you have developed your marketing message, you are ideally placed to answer the age-old question “What do you do” in a concise way, providing enough information and relevance to hold the attention of the person asking.


What clients do you serve?  Develop a detailed profile of your ideal client, including demographics (basic facts such as industry, location etc) and psychographics (values, characteristics, interests etc)


What problem, predicament, issue, challenge or pain are your clients facing that would make them seek your help?


What results do you produce when working with clients?  For example – Before they were struggling to do xyz.  After they are successfully doing xyz.


What do you have that can prove you can in fact deliver that solution?  Do you have client testimonials, static or video case studies or clients who are willing to speak to your prospects?


What makes you stand apart from your competitors?  What makes you special, unique or memorable?  What is it about your business that offers your clients a true advantage?

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