Common Sales Mistakes – Part 3 of 6

Not showing prospects the investment you’ve made in winning their business

Before you can expect a prospect to make an investment in buying your products or services you must show them that you have made a similar (if not greater) investment in winning their business. A salesperson who fails to show how much they value that prospect’s business can’t expect much success.

You cannot allow yourself to be distracted by other concerns when you’re trying to develop new business. Prospects need to be reassured that they are the most important thing in your business – especially if you’re expecting them to ultimately spend money with you. Make sure you show them professional courtesy by acknowledging emails and returning calls, show them that you follow through with what you say you will do when you agree to and don’t just hear your prospects, make sure you listen to them.

Attention to detail, getting contact names and addresses correct, not expecting prospects to chase you to return calls, making sure your letters and sales materials look professional and provide the right information to prospects – these are just some of the things you must do. You have to be in the driver’s seat and you have to be the active person throughout the business development process – demonstrating your commitment to the prospect.

If your competitors are more professional, more courteous or that bit faster in calling back they may likely be more successful at converting prospects into business. All that any prospect really has to judge your potential performance as a supplier is how well you demonstrate your commitment and how seriously you take the job of winning their business.

Make sure you make the best first impression.

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