Common Sales Mistakes – Part 4 of 6

Be sure to take notes so you can refer back to important information

Probably one of the simplest things, yet one which many people fail to do. You should be taking notes during any conversation with a prospect; noting down things like date and time of call, who you spoke with, when you have agreed to call back and who you need to speak with. Collecting information and being able to refer back to it will help make your job easier, keep you organised and provide evidence of your professionalism.

A lot of information can pass back and forth during a business development exercise and it may be too much for you to keep it all in your head. Your ability to refer back to this information with accuracy and confidence will demonstrate your professionalism and your commitment to converting a prospect into a client or customer. Making sure you can keep your facts straight and stay organised will help you to stay calm and assured, and ultimately make the sales process more enjoyable for everyone.

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