Are you an entreprenuer?

As more and more people class themselves as entrepreneurs, more and more opinions and controversy appears around this topic.  At one point it was up to others to “name” the entrepreneurs, it wasn’t acceptable (and still isn’t in some circles) to refer to yourself as an entrepreneur.

So, we thought it would be interesting to look at the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

Successful entrepreneurs:

  • demand a need for control and don’t take direction from others easily
  • experience difficulty with structures and working with them (unless the structures are ones they have created themselves or are on their own terms)
  • like to know what is going on around them and in particular what is happening in the market(s) they have interests in
  • like recognition of their achievements
  • are often hailed as innovators in their field
  • have often suffered hardships as children and are focused on success
  • are sometimes rebellious and nonconformist
  • have a passion and driving ambition
  • focus on key issues and never lose sight of the end goal
  • can change their minds and direction quickly

This list of traits is not conclusive, nor is it applicable to all entrepreneurs but I’m sure that  many people who you consider to be entrepreneurial share many of these characteristics.

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