Keep things running smoothly over these shorter work weeks

As we begin a run of three and four day work-weeks in the UK due to bank holidays, how will you ensure that your team stays focused and activities continue despite the disruptions and excitement that shorter work weeks bring?

How do you make sure that your staff don’t “go down a notch” in terms of their productivity? One fun and proven way to maintain momentum is to get everyone (yourself included) to make a daily commitment grid (see example).  Have a minimum of five activities on there so that you can tick across the grid as you complete  your actions every day.

If everyone displays their commitment grids they not only get a sense of achievement when they tick things off each day, but it also makes them focus on the fact they have tasks to complete before the day is out – the visibility encourages healthy competition too and allows others to question why particular items haven’t been completed on a certain day.

We do this at Elite Edge and it is very productive.  You can have personal things on there too if you like (drink 2 litres of water for example).    However the main purpose is to have tasks on there that will bring you towards your goals, working on the basis that a little effort every day will get you there.

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