Personality styles – descriptives common to each

Here are some attributes usually associated with the different personality styles.

DRIVER DeterminedThoroughDecisiveResponsible PushyDominatingHarshSevere
AMIABLE SupportiveRespectableDependableWilling ConformingHesitantUndisciplinedEmotional
EXPRESSIVE PersonableStimulatingEnthusiasticDramatic OpinionatedExcitableReactiveUnpredictable
ANALYTICAL PersistentSeriousOrderlyIndustrious UncommunicativeIndecisiveStuffyExacting
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Do you have marketing myopia?

Theodore Levitt coined this now famous phrase ‘marketing myopia’ which basically means tunnel vision.

Often we are too busy keeping afloat to see the vastness of the ocean we are in.  Translated into business terms this simply means we sometimes cannot see the real scope of our businesses.

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Finding your own and understanding different personality styles

Find out your own personality style by doing a simple exercise

People communicate in predictable patterns or styles.  There are clues in what people say and do that can give you a clear idea of their dominant personality style.  Each person has a communication pattern that is his or her “comfort zone” and it takes confidence and practice to expand this zone.

In order to have a good working relationship with clients, prospects, colleagues etc you need to discover the typical needs and expectations of their personality style.  There are four basic patterns or styles – Driver, Amiable, Expressive and Analytical.

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Explore the best way to grow your business with Ansoff’s Matrix

Ansoff’s Matrix was first published in the Harvard Business Review in 1957.  Since its publication, it has given generations of marketers and business strategists a quick and simple way of thinking about growth.

In essence, this is the grid.

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Are you an effective networker?

In order to be truly successful at networking it is absolutely critical that you keep your promises – be sure to do what you say you will do. Few things can be more damaging to your credibility as a reliable networker than failing to keep your word.  Make 2016 your best year yet!  Continue reading

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Do you sometimes look at larger projects and decide not to go for them because you don’t have the capacity to deliver, even though the project is right up your street?

If so, consider collaboration.  The two types of collaboration I will cover in this post are working with non-competitive suppliers who could enhance the services you bring to the table and working with your competitors, delivering the same work but in a higher volume.

Collaboration can be worthwhile

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Common Sales Mistakes – Part 6 of 6

Not developing a new business mindset

Not developing a new business mindset may make an already difficult task nearly impossible. If you and your colleagues are not thinking in terms of identifying opportunities and displaying a willingness to commit the time, resources and effort to win new business than you will struggle from the outset. Continue reading

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Common Sales Mistakes – Part 5 of 6

Don’t fail to follow-up

One of the worst things anyone can do to impede the sales process is to fail to follow-up. Whether you are acknowledging an email, returning a call or summarising points from a meeting that follow-up is a demonstration of your professionalism and your commitment to winning prospective business by taking an active role. Continue reading

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Common Sales Mistakes – Part 4 of 6

Be sure to take notes so you can refer back to important information

Probably one of the simplest things, yet one which many people fail to do. You should be taking notes during any conversation with a prospect; noting down things like date and time of call, who you spoke with, when you have agreed to call back and who you need to speak with. Collecting information and being able to refer back to it will help make your job easier, keep you organised and provide evidence of your professionalism. Continue reading

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Common Sales Mistakes – Part 3 of 6

Not showing prospects the investment you’ve made in winning their business

Before you can expect a prospect to make an investment in buying your products or services you must show them that you have made a similar (if not greater) investment in winning their business. A salesperson who fails to show how much they value that prospect’s business can’t expect much success. Continue reading

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