3 magic words that boost ad response

Key to success is avoiding hype

For the small business owner, advertising is a critical expense that helps to drive customers through the doors or to a website on the Internet in the hopes that they will spend their money. With tight ad budgets, small businesses need their advertising to payoff every time. Ads that result in no sales are simply wasted money.

There are countless online articles that tell you to use the words “free”, “guaranteed”, and “limited time offer” in your advertising to boost sales. They work, however the ongoing overuse of these words has reduced their effectiveness somewhat. When you’re writing your next ad, keep the following advice in mind when if you plan to use these key advertising terms.

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No two services are exactly the same

No two services are exactly the same

They can’t be, they are delivered at different times by different people, circumstances alone dictate that they must differ.

When you ask a director/partner of a service company, “What makes your service different?” you often get an unclear response.

“Honestly, nothing.  We’re all pretty much the same.”

Well, that’s wrong.

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If you can’t change it, then use it to your advantage

We hear people say all the time, ‘we’re going to position our business as the market leader.’ We say to them, ‘good luck trying.’ You might think that’s a bit dismissive or unfair on our part. It’s not as simple as a business deciding it’s just going to change its positioning. There’s more to it.

You see, your market position is something that your customers and prospects decide for you. You can try to influence them, but they ultimately decide where your business sits within the market hierarchy, not you. Once they have weighed up your offering and decided how your business compares with your competition, your position is fixed. Continue reading

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What is strategy?

We are often asked to define what we mean as strategy.  It provides a sense of unity, direction and purpose for an organisation and the marketing strategy should seamlessly plug into the business strategy, embracing the objectives of the organisation.

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Be patient – not everyone is ready to buy right now!

When you decide that you are embarking upon a business development/sales drive, remember that not all of your prospects are ready to buy on your timetable… in fact, very few will be!

The “build and they will come” mentality rarely works – you have to tell people why they should buy from you and give them a reason to think of you at the time they are ready to purchase.

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Webinars – the basics

Webinars have been around for at least ten years now and have advanced from the “dubious” dial-up connection, where people were unsure how much it would cost them to attend once call changes etc had been applied, to today’s very savvy online events where you simply click to show you have joined – you would usually have registered in advance.

You can attend a webinar from the comfort of your own office

In essence they are an online version of a traditional seminar.  They can be used for training, promotion, corporate announcements, press conferences, focus groups, presentations and much more.

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10 things you really need to know about your competitors

Healthy competition can be good to keep you on your toes!

Having competitors is a fact of life for most businesses; few can genuinely claim they have none – and if they do they must question why.  You have to be aware of the rules of competition in your chosen markets in order to win business when the prospect has a choice of many suppliers.

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Grab those opportunities

Somebody once told me to imagine my path towards a goal as a straight line with A as the start point and B as the finishing point. He told me to imagine myself walking along this path with random objects flying at me and tempting me away from my route – these random objects were opportunities.

If you’re the sort of person who is open to opportunities then they will always be around, the trick is to make sure that the opportunities you explore fit in with your business and marketing objectives.

Straight on for success

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Face your biggest marketing challenge

Is there one thing that you keep putting off that you know if you tackled it you would get great results?   Is this your biggest marketing challenge?

It isn’t uncommon to have this “huge” obstacle or challenge in place.  What it actually is will be different for each of us.  There are many diverse activities involved in marketing and often you have to swap caps at an alarming rate.  Do you need to be creative?  Analytical?  Maybe stern?  Sympathetic?  Whatever you need, some of these skills don’t come naturally to us all.

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5 strategies to kick-start your lead generation process

What does success mean to you?

We all know what we should be doing but sometimes a quick recap revitalises our focus.

The best marketers channel their efforts at the front end of the sales and marketing process and here are 5 ways to revitalise lead generation in your own business.

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